Finding donors for Organ Transplant with Dawood foundation

At the basis of the donation (which is always anonymous and free) is the explicit choice made by an Italian citizen . There are no specific age limits for donating an organ. Normally, the general conditions of the donor are assessed to assess which organs can be donated. In particular, corneas and liver can be taken from donors over the age of 80. The foundation headed by bashir dawood helps you find the right donors and get through the difficult times at ease.

How organ donation works

To certify the willingness to donate organs, it is necessary to have completed a written note containing name, surname, date of birth, declaration of will (positive or negative), date and signature, it is considered valid for the purposes of the declaration.

The document, of which several facsimiles can be found online, must be delivered to the local health authority of reference, to your family doctor or always carried with you. Furthermore, it is necessary to be registered in the Register of the Italian Association of Organ Donors.

You can also communicate your will to the municipal registry offices, when applying for or renewing your identity card . For minors, parents always decide. If one of the two is not, the withdrawal cannot be made.

Bone marrow transplant

In recent years, the transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells, contained in the bone marrow, has reached levels of excellence , useful for the treatment of leukemia and lymphomas in which the blood cells are damaged. The transplant takes place following the elimination of the diseased cells but unfortunately also of the healthy part of the patient’s bone marrow. The stem cells from the donor are then injected intravenously and occupy the recipient’s bone marrow, starting to proliferate and build new blood cells.