How Do You Pick an Aquarium Stand?

Let’s begin by talking about picking the best aquarium stand for the tank.

Assess the aquarium’s height, size, and design:

Your aquarium’s characteristics should be factored into the equation when looking for a suitable platform. A fish tank stand Singapore that is both robust and lasting must be used to hold a more extensive, larger tank, and the sturdiness of support must match the tank’s capacity size. Specific stands are designed to handle rectangular fish tanks, while others have been made to fit aquariums featuring bow-shaped frontiers. Make sure that the frame you purchase includes the form of your tank.

What is the substance used to construct the stand?

fish tank stand Singapore

When seeking to buy an aquarium base, there seems to be a variety of materials to choose from.

The following materials are prevalent:

  • Board made of particles (MDF)
  • Wood
  • Steel

The least costly choice is particle wood, and it’s the type of wood commonly utilized to make store-branded displays. Particleboard seems not suited for supporting saltwater tanks, despite its low cost. If subjected to dampness, wood somehow doesn’t blend properly and may decay over time.

Hardwood is the most common material, so many high-end brands utilize it. It is far more robust than MDF and is frequently used to construct furnishings & cabinets. Hardwood is a good choice for a longer-lasting material that can support heavy tanks.