Number One And Long-Lasting Carpet Adhesive Manufacturers

Floors usually require proper carpet adhesive, it acts as a contact screed that joins the floor to the subfloor. Likewise, carpet requires an adhesive that creates a strong bond. The adhesive used must have a high floor and be strong and flexible enough to hold it securely for continuous walking.

Desirable features

  • After laying, carpet adhesives must provide the required bond strength and withstand traffic loads.
  • As carpet backing evolves, adhesives need to provide stronger bond strengths that can last for years.
  • A good carpet adhesive takes a day or two to dry completely. ARDEX offers a wide variety of fast food products.
  • So long drying times are a thing of the past, allowing you to complete your personal or commercial flooring projects in the shortest possible time.

What makes them special

They are a renowned company for a reason. At ARDEX, all the existing and new products are independently tested for VOC content. This means that the carpet adhesives they offer have relatively low VOC emissions and are a safer choice. Advanced multi-purpose floor adhesives such as ARDEX AF 190 and ARDEX AF 148 felt-based carpet tiles are Green Label certified, further proof of safety.

Choose the best and forget the rest

ARDEX offers high-quality carpet adhesive. It is an innovative concept and uses only high-quality building materials, they ensure that their floor adhesives meet industry standards and are completely environmentally friendly. Contact today’s technical experts and industry leaders to learn more about choosing the right adhesive for your flooring requirements.