Story Of BuchinaiduKandriga Telugu Movie

BuchinaiduKandriga film is the most fascinating film on Aha nowadays. This wonderful romantic tale depends on the genuine story where the couple needs to battle with all the individuals and wed one another. The two of them have a place with various projects and foundations which assume a significant job in contrasting their relationship. This film appears to be intriguing as a result of their romantic tale which was delightfully composed and shot. This film depended on the genuine occasions and circumstances which occurred in 1994. The latest telugu movies online like these are heart moving. Watch BuchinaiduKandriga movie online just on our Aha.BuchinaiduKandriga


BuchinaiduKandriga film is a fair film which engages you and moves your heart with the ongoing occasions. The film will be moving to adore genuineness and love just one till the finish of the life. These films have a ton of effect in the viewpoint as the entire film was shot in the town setting. The brains set in the 90’s are totally unique contrasted with now. This is an excellent romantic tale of Balu and Swapna. Balu is a good person who has a place with a lower working class family. His dad tries sincerely and mother is a housewife. In the school days itself he succumbs to Swapna. He invests a great deal of energy to command swapnas notice and dazzle her. Swapna is a wonderful young lady where his dad is exceptionally ground-breaking in the town. At last Swapna begins to look all starry eyed at him. They invest energy well with one another and choose to get hitched. Their folks don’t acknowledge it in any case. So they intend to abscond from home, get hitched and start a new life. As an arrangement they get hitched yet life doesn’t generally resemble it’s arranged. Soo watch the film who is the life of Balu and Swapna in the wake of getting hitched.

Technical Aspects:

  • Story of the film appears to be easygoing, there isn’t anything fascinating or new in the film to get astounded. Film is truly unsurprising and ordinary, you can watch the film simply because it’s a genuine story.
  • Music in the film is better, on the grounds that crowds don’t anticipate incredible tunes, they are listenable and engaged with the film.
  • Altering of the film might have been something more, the perfection in viewing the film is lost.
  • Set up, foundations and areas of the film are very acceptable. They are new and you could investigate the spot legitimately.

Artists Performance:

All the craftsmen in the film have put forth a strong effort, particularly the fundamental leads like Munna, Drikshika, Ravi Varma. Every one of their endeavors could be seen on the screen and acknowledged.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Munna

Actress: DrikshikaChander

Other actors: PavitraJayaram, Subba Rao, Ravi Varma

Director: Poluri Krishna

Producer: Chandra Kumari

Music: Maahiramsh

Cinematography: Ram k Mahesan

Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh

Story By: Poluri Krishna

Other Information:

Runtime: 122 mins

Release date: 21 Aug 2020

Genre: Drama

Watch on: Aha

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