Super Bowl Transportation Services

Even a cheap ticket to the Super Bowl will cost over $1000. This is the biggest sporting event in America, and it’s a financial privilege to attend. However, it’s a driving and parking nightmare. Transportation services will be abundant for all budgets. Shuttle services will be available for the the budget minded, but that seems like an oxymoron since the tickets cost more than most people’s paycheck. A limousine, hired car or bus would fit right in with the big ticket weekend called, The Super Bowl.

Public Transportation

If the game ticket depleted most of the fun money, then shuttle services will be available. Local North Texas tax dollars will pay for about half a million dollars in transportation services, including local rail service. That will be the cattle car version of transportation to Cowboy Stadium. Super Bowl guests will be able to purchase four day passes that allow them to ride buses and trains. The passes will cost $30.

Limousine Services

For those who just have to do it up in style and take a hired car, expect to pay about three times the cost of the four day public pass for one hour of limousine service. That doesn’t include gratuity or the cost of the car’s bar service. If it’s a big group of people, a party bus might be the way to go. They start as little at $100 an hour. They come with a driver, and also a hostess upon request. The interior includes bars, lounging, disco lights and fiber optics, a second story viewing area, super sound system, satellite TV, and a bathroom upon request. Don’t be fooled, this is not a cheap option. Also, make sure the driver and the company are licensed. If the bus seems scary, maybe a stretch Hummer would do the trick for only $90 and hour plus gratuity. Logistics integration

Take Your Own Car and Park

If you’re really tough, try driving and parking at the Super Bowl. This is the super bowl of traffic jams, too! Parking won’t be cheap either. If you don’t mind walking over a mile, then the bargain parking lot will run about $55. However, $150 is a better average price for parking near Cowboy Stadium. That’s just the game! Imagine what driving and parking in downtown Dallas will be like before and after the game. Dallas is not the easiest city to navigate, so the very thought of a visitor trying to drive around in the chaos makes that $95 an hour limousine service seem like a pretty good deal.