What it finances

You can apply for financing for investment projects between 50,000 and 200,000 euros:

  • aimed at creating new design elements;
  • the introduction in the company of production process innovations;
  • the creation and use of innovative fabrics;
  • the introduction of digital innovations into the company
  • inspired by the principles of the circular economy aimed at the recycling of used materials or the use of fabrics deriving from renewable sources;

Selfiemployment funds to open a new business if you are unemployed edg branding grant.

Selfiemployment finances the start-up of your business with zero-interest loans, at 100% of the investment costs you have incurred.

It is possible to request three different types of financing:

  • microcredit, from 5,000 to 25,000 euros
  • extended microcredit, from 25,001 to 35,000 euros
  • small loans, from 35,001 to 50,000 euros

These are very advantageous subsidized loans because they are interest-free, without the need to show guarantees, repayable in 7 years with monthly installments starting twelve months after the loan is disbursed.

The measure – financed by the resources of the National Revolving Self-Employment Fund managed by Invitalia as part of the Youth Guarantee Program – is particularly suitable if you fall into the NEET categories (active women and long-term unemployed) and want to start a business from scratch.

Thanks to this incentive you can finance the following expenses:

  • tools, equipment and machinery
  • hardware and software
  • masonry works (within the limit of 10% of the total investment costs allowed)
  • management costs such as: rental of real estate and leasing fees; utilities; IT,communication and promotion services; insurance premiums; raw materials, consumables, semi-finished and finished products; wages and payrolls.